Difference Maker #1-Anu Silas

As part of my Noonday Rwanda trip contest submission, I am posting stories of real difference makers. Please take some time to read a bit about these women and, if you're so inclined, feel free to vote for me here: Rachael T Mickel--Worst Contest Submission Ever

I'd like to introduce you to a woman whom I respect greatly and love, though I have never met her in person. We have had correspondence for the last 2 1/2 years and I have fallen in love with her ministry. I have enjoyed watching her posts on Facebook and she is indeed an example to the young girls she serves.

Let me introduce to you Anu Silas. 

Anu is the founder and CEO of Vanitashray in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Vanitashray is a combination of two Hindi words, "Vanita" meaning "woman" and "ashray" meaning "house." Vanitashray is a home for orphaned girls and destitute widows. Anu, herself orphaned at birth, has shown to be clearly extraordinary. A woman of strength, of character, of compassion, and the ability to stand up to injustice in the midst of her own disadvantages.

India is a beautiful country, however there is a treasure in India that is literally being thrown away--girls. Because of several factors, including the dowry system, girls are seen as a liability. Girls are tossed onto railroad tracks, sold into slavery, sold into prostitution, and mothers kill their own baby girls because they feel that is better than what will befall her child if she lives. The lucky ones are abandoned at an orphanage. The truly blessed girls are the ones who show up on Anu's doorstep.

You simply HAVE to read Anu's story. She, herself an orphan and a widow, now serves orphans and destitute widows. She battles discrimination as a woman and a widow, but she is committed to improving the lives of women and girls in India and I believe is unstoppable!

Click her picture to read her story and to find out more about Vanitashray.

Anu Silas of Vanitashray

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